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Queering Contraceptive Counseling

Queering Reproductive & Sexual Health

Queering Gender

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The Sex Ed You Didn't Get in High School

Sex Ed:

More Than Just The Parts

I offer several fun, interactive, educational, and relevant workshops on everything from The Sex Ed You Didn’t Get in High School to BDSM 101. If you need someone to give an inclusive, educational sexual health presentation to a group of people from elementary school to older adults, I’m your educator!


All workshops are intended to be as inclusive as possible. As such, conversations about sexual orientation, gender, race, diversity in sexual interest, and the other natural and exciting differences that the people in the room bring to the conversation will be had.


Workshops can be tailored to the audience age, readiness level, and expertise. The suggested times for the workshops can be altered; however, due to the complex nature of the content covered, workshop requests for less than 60 minutes will generally not be accepted.


Topics that I’ve previously presented to groups include:

  • sexuality education overviews

  • sexually transmitted infections

  • contraception

  • pregnancy

  • queer sex

  • sex toys & body safety

  • “taboo” sex topics

  • preventative care

  • LGBTQ+ 101

  • wellness exams

  • LGBTQ+ inclusive language in journalism

  • sexuality and self-care

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