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As an educator, I will provide gender-inclusive, medically accurate, culturally relevant education while empowering participants to learn in a non-judgmental space through an anti-oppression framework. Based on my professional codes of ethics, clients can also

expect the upmost confidentiality.

The personal, professional, and political beliefs I uphold in my practice permeate my work. 

  • Sexuality education and quality health care are human rights.

  • Improving access to these rights requires an intersectional understanding of oppressive systems.

  • People deserve to live in a world free from violence, coercion, and manipulation.

  • Education is key to all movements towards liberation.

  • Patients are entitled to evidence-informed practice and care.

  • Patients are entitled to providers who affirm and actively support their identities.

  • Reproductive justice is inseparably linked to environmental, racial, and economic justice.

  • Black lives matter. 


"I’m on the autism spectrum, and Ashley has helped me identify, process, and deal with my insecurities and fears of physical and emotional intimacy, as well as navigate my general social confusion. Her interpersonal acuteness allows her to deeply understand people. She is intensely compassionate, and vastly knowledgeable. Her trustworthiness and honesty makes being vulnerable with her easy. I know she has my best interests at heart and the skills to help me pursue them. My interactions with her have been exclusively positive and productive." - Individual Client

"Ashley is excellent at listening to individual concerns and answering questions with a sensitivity to and understanding of different life experiences. Her welcoming manner creates an environment of trust and compassion, making every encounter a collaborative conversation which builds on the last." - Individual Client

"This whole workshop was incredible. Some of the clearest, most informative slides, full of excellent and pertinent data in thoughtful arrangements, and Ashley's narration was engaging and didactic and predictive. Two thumbs up, would workshop again.

- Queering Reproductive Health Workshop Participant 

"This workshop was invigorating and educational. I appreciated the push to think about all aspects of identity learners bring into the room, and the challenge to acknowledge which aspects I am and am not comfortable addressing in sex education. Ashley was dynamic and clearly knowledgeable." - Sex Ed: More Than Just the Parts Workshop Participant

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