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Queer folks face a disproportionate burden in health. Not only do they face significant health disparities (especially in the realm of mental and sexual health), but providers are also largely underprepared to treat their unique concerns. On average, a medical student will graduate with 5 hours of LGBTQ+ health education. One in every three will graduate with none at all. With Including Inclusion, I provide on-going support to clinical teams and medical students looking to improve their knowledge and practice of LGBTQ+ health for better patient outcomes. 

Common Language

The program starts with an interactive presentation to establish a common language around issues related to identity, intersectionality, and clinical significance. 

Clinical Best Practices

A presentation about clinical best practices in your field will involve an assessment of policy and practices to find space for improvement and alignment to best serve patients.

Continued Support

As part of the program, clinical teams and administrators will receive uniquely tailored support in order to create alignment and improvement among clinical policies and practices.

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