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Group Workshop


More than ever before, the dynamic interplay between our various identities as people with diverse races, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, backgrounds, and interests must be understood as entangled pieces of a whole person rather than separate aspects of one's life. For young people, the norms of sexual orientation, gender identity, and the like are becoming further from a heteronormative center. It's time that we, as educators, supporters, and health care providers, have a continued conversation about how we can best support all of the youth we serve as the complex beings that they are.


Sex Ed: More Than Just The Parts will provide participants with language around intersectionality related to sexual health, offer example lessons and activities for sex education through an intersectional lens, and then serve as a facilitated space for processing and planning how we can better integrate the identities of the young people with whom we work into our planning and interventions to prevent negative health outcomes and promote positive ones.

Suggested Audience: educators, teachers

Suggested Length: 2 hours

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